Can’t Delete Game Center On iPhone? Here’s What To Do

Delete Game Center

If you’re not a gamer, you may want to hide or even delete game center on iPhone. It comes pre-installed on ios devices and lets you challenge other players in network games or post your scores to leaderboards.

Depending on the ios version you’re running, you can delete Apple’s Game Center on your iPhone, and we’re going to show you how it’s done.

How to delete game center on iPhone

Check your ios version

If you’re on ios 9 or earlier, you can hide the Game Center but can’t delete it the same way apps are deleted, by tapping and holding the tile until the app shakes and tapping X to delete. Game Center and other pre-installed apps on Apple doesn’t have the option to delete. The easiest thing to do is update to the current ios version to remove Game Center and fix any security hitches discovered thereafter.

For ios 10 or later, Apple ended Game Center as a solo app so its features are now integrated into the phone as functions that a game developer can choose to use with apps.


In order to remove or delete Game Center, you can jailbreak your device. However, we don’t recommend going this as it has several issues and considerations. Apple secures ios by blocking certain parts of its operating system from any changes or adjustments, including deleting pre-installed apps.

When you jailbreak your iPhone, you remove blocks and controls such as these, and can access the entire ios, including ability to browse the phone’s file system.

Hide Game Center

In ios 9 or earlier, you can hide the tool if you don’t want to delete by updating the ios version. It just puts it out of sight temporarily. To do this, create folder and put Game Center in it, and then move the folder where you won’t see it unless you want to.

Sign out of the app to disable any of its active features when you’re not using it. to do this, tap Game Center>Account>Sign out.

Disable Game Center Notifications

You can ensure that you don’t get notifications from Game Center by using the built-in Restrictions feature in ios 9 or older versions. To do this, tap Settings>General>Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions.

You can set a passcode that’s easy to remember and confirm the action, and then swipe down to Game Center and move the Multiplayer Games slider to white or off.  From then on, you won’t get invitations to multiplayer games.

Move Adding Friends slider to white or off to prevent people from adding you to their network of Game Center friends.

If you want to enable the notifications, move the slider to on/green or turn off Restrictions by going to Settings>General and tap Restrictions. Tap Disable Restrictions to complete the process.

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