iPhone 11 Rumors and Leaks – What’s New?

As the launch of the new iPhone is approaching, people are getting more and more excited and we understand why. For a while now, a lot of speculations have been made and we will tell you the latest ones. Keep reading if you’re interested in finding out more details about it.

The launch of the new generation of iPhones is expected to happen in the fall. We hear rumors all the time, but we don’t know for sure if everything it’s actually true. We want to tell you about the latest rumor that caught our attention.

What’s the new rumor and who started it?

According to a Twitter account with the handle CoinX, Apple will change a little bit the names of the new iPhones and one, if not more models, will have the word “Pro” in their name. The source is considered reliable by some people because it started some rumors in the past about other Apple products and they turned out to be true.

MacRumors heard the same speculation via an anonymous leaker who said in his message that the name iPhone 11 Pro is a done deal. So, we have a lot of reasons to believe that this rumor it’s actually true, even if we don’t have any official confirmation.

The next generation of iPhones will probably consist of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and maybe the iPhone 11R. However, it’s just a possibility for now and we can’t exclude the option that our leaker gave as un inaccurate fact.

We guess that we all have to wait until September to find out the actual names, the new features and all the other interesting things that Apple prepared for us.

That’s all we have so far, but we’ll definitely keep you posted if something new will come up.

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