Google Pixel 4 Spotted In the Wild, Image Leaked Online Shows Tiny Bottom Bezel and More


The Google Pixel 4 has been seen in the wild again, but so far, none of the photos leaked online showed the front panel. Thanks to TheTeenTech (Isaac Connor), who was on a plane when he spotted the phone, we get to compare the previous renders and leaks.

The photo shows no bottom bezel, with Connor adding that he saw that it was as tiny as the side bezels. The top bezel is a bit larger. Looking at the forehead of the device, we see the confirmed details we’ve had from Google so far since it hides the new 3D facial recognition system, the Project Soli radar chip, a camera, and a speaker grill.

Connor also spotted a few more details: a white back, a metal frame, a black square camera block, and the orange power button. He saw the user unlocking the smartphone via facial recognition, an action that instantly unlocked the phone. He also noticed that the camera app was a bit redesigned.

If the photos shared with Connor on Twitter are indeed real, there is no certainty that this device is actually the Google Pixel 4, or that the slim bottom bezel is that slim, because the angle of the photo could be misleading. But other than that, all of the details spotted by The Teen Tech line up with the previous rumors about the Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 Launch Dates, Prices

Until the beginning of October (Oct. 8-9), when Google will announce the Google Pixel 4 range, we will have to hunt for more leaks and take it all with a grain of salt until Google officially reveals the new Pixels.

As for preorders and prices, the Pixel 4 line should be available for preorder at the time of reveal, and it is supposed to be released on October 18. Expect to see it in the price range of the Pixel 3 series prices – at the time of their launch they were: $799 – Pixel 3, and $899 – Pixel 3 XL.

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