Google Assistant Won’t Play Movies? Try These 4 Fixes

Google Assistant won’t play movies

Google Assistant can perform many tasks including making appointments, sending texts, and playing movies from different streaming platforms.

If Google Assistant won’t play movies, it could be that the app has insufficient permissions or you could be using the wrong Google account. Another cause would be that you haven’t linked the streaming service to Google Assistant.

What to do when Google Assistant won’t play movies

Check Permissions

On your Android phone, permissions help your apps access various things like local storage, microphone and contact information. Google Assistant needs access at least to your microphone to hear the voice commands, but you also need to check if it has correct permissions to play movies and other tasks it can do.

To do this:

·         Open Settings>Apps & Notifications

·         Tap Google>Permissions

·         Give the appropriate permissions to Google app

Use the right Google account for movies

Google Assistant plays movies from Google Play Movies without any cumbersome linking. You have to use the same account for both Google Assistant and Movies. With multiple accounts, there’s a mismatch between the two apps, which can cause problems.

To check the accounts you’re using, and change where necessary, do this:

·         Open Google Assistant

·         Tap your user icon and tap Account>Google account

·         Open Google Play Movies & TV

·         Open Google Assistant and check if you can play movies

Link your Google Account to Movie service

To link a movie streaming service to the Assistant, take the steps below:

·         Open Google Assistant

·         Tap your user icon and tap Settings>Services>Videos & Photos

·         Now tap a video streaming service which you want linked to Google Assistant

·         Tap Link Account

·         Enter your logins and tap Sign in and Link

·         If the service supports it, pick a profile to use with Assistant and tap Confirm

Restore Google Assistant to default

To do this:

·         Open Settings>Apps & Notifications

·         Tap Google>Storage

·         Tap Clear Cache>Clear Storage

·         Tap Clear All Data and tap OK

·         Tap back and then tap Disable>Disable app

·         Tap OK and then tap Enable to reenable Google app and see if you can play movies

If it still can’t play movies, update the app by tapping App Details and tap Update. You can wait to update later from Google Play store if you want.

The latest update will be installed on your phone, so you can check again if Google Assistant can play movies. Otherwise, wait for a patch from Google to fix the problem, or go to the support forum for more information or to report your issue.

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