Adobe Flash Player will be gone in 2020. Here’s how to re-enable it for now

We have some bad news for people who are regularly using Adobe Flash. It will be gone soon and Chrome 76 already blocked it. For now, we will teach you how to re-enable it and still use it.

Get ready to say goodbye to Flash

As we said before, it’s confirmed that Flash is going away soon. Well, not that soon, it will be completely gone in 2020. Until then, Chrome made already an important and, as some would say, aggressive move. It ended the support for Flash. But don’t worry, we have a temporary fix for you. You can re-enable it if you want.

Chrome is not the only one who did that. Adobe and Mozilla will no longer support Flash in the future.

Now, we will teach you step by step how to still run Flash

If you are on a website that supported Flash you will see a message on your bar that indicates the fact that Flash was blocked there. Then, you will have to go to the lock icon which you will easily find on the left side of your address bar. After that, you will have to click on the “Flash” option and then on “Allow”. If you’re using Chrome, the next move will be to click on “Reload”. Then, the final step will be to click one last time in order to load the Flash content.

Every time you follow the process, the Flash content will be added to your allow list. But wait, there’s a bad part in all of this. Your list will be erased by Chrome each time you restart your browser. That means that you will have repeat the entire process every time you need to use Flash on a website.

The bad news is that Chrome blocked Flash and won’t play it automatically anymore, but at least it can give you the possibility to remember one setting and not repeat the whole process. However, a message regarding the fact that Chrome won’t support Flash from 2020 will appear every time you will restart your browser. A lot of people find that really annoying, but I guess that’s our only option.

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