UC Browser Turbo Is Available With 64-Bit Support Improvements And Better User Feedback System

UC Turbo is developed by UCWeb and is a browser released in 2004 as a J2ME-only app. And it now comes with some new, improved features with the UC Browser Turbo version.

After Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, UC Turbo is the most popular browser. It is available on various number of platforms. Among these operating systems, we will note the most important ones: Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows.

How does UC Browser Turbo work?

UC Turbo uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology. The UC Browser’s servers are taking their role as a proxy. It compresses and renders the data of web pages, and this happens before they arrive at the users. It’s a useful process, as it makes the web content to load faster than other browsers.

Having a minimalist design, you won’t find any unnecessary news on it or push messages. It works with a simple design so you can have a clean and relaxing experience. One of the most important features is the fast download made by its servers that speeds up and stabilizes your downloads. Also, you can improve your download speed only by setting the high download threads.

UC Turbo offers secure browsing with its Incognito mode. You can browse in private, and your browsing history will delete instantly. With its Ad Block, UC Turbo will not annoy you with all kind of ads. Furthermore, the missing ads will improve your browsing experience.

Among these cool features, there are other ones worth mentioned, like the Homepage Customizable that allows you to set your favorite site as your Homepage. Or the Video Download that enables you to download your favorite video in advance, allowing you to watch them anywhere and anytime.

What’s new in UC Browser Turbo

UC Browser Turbo comes with 64-bit support and improved user feedback handling. Furthermore, there are some several performance improvements made for you to have a fresh, smooth, and comfortable experience while browsing with it.

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