Samsung Galaxy Book S Could Be Better Than Apple’s MacBook Air

Compared to the Apple MacBook Air, there is a difference of 300 grams between this laptop and the future Samsung Galaxy Book S, which weighs just 950 grams. The metal case of the laptop only measures 11.8 millimeters and comes with Windows 10 Home or Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Book S challenges Apple’s MacBook Air

With that being said, it is clear that Samsung wants to be better than Apple as the MacBook Air is thicker by 3.7 millimeters. In addition to that, the diagonal of the new Samsung Galaxy Book S laptop’s screen is the same as the MacBook Air of 13.3 inches while it also has a TFT panel with full HD resolution.

Galaxy Book S would sport one headphone jack and two USB-C ports

When it comes to connections, the Samsung Galaxy Book S is sparse. The headphone jack and the two USB-C ports are also great. This laptop even offers you the possibility to expand the internal storage of 256 GB (with 8 GB of RAM) by providing a memory card slot and also a SIM card one. It is excellent that the Samsung Galaxy Book S accepts a SIM card because now it will no longer depend on Wi-Fi. The battery life of the Samsung laptop will be twice as long as the Macbook Air.

Samsung Galaxy Book S to come with Snapdragon chipset, not Intel

Samsung wanted to offer users constant connectivity and extremely long battery life, so the company decided to change its technology a little bit. Now the Snapdragon 8cx will be thee processor instead of Intel. This chip was presented last December during the Snapdragon Summit. Laptops can always be connected thanks to the mobile chip, and it does not have a cheaper performance than the current Intel Core i5. The transmission speeds provided by the integrated LTE modem can reach up to 2 Gbps.

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