iPhone Calls Going Straight To Voicemail? Here’s How To Stop It

Calls Going Straight To Voicemail

Do you find that you’re missing calls on your iPhone? They’re probably directed to voicemail, but you can stop calls going straight to voicemail. We’re going to show you some troubleshooting steps based on what causes the calls to be diverted directly to voicemail so you can stop missing calls.

What to do to stop iPhone calls going straight to voicemail

Check for ios updates

Before you change your phone’s settings or hassle your mobile network service provider, check whether the iPhone is updated. Usually, the updates Apple releases can help fix the problem. However, sometimes ios updates tend to be the cause of problems, but patches are also released when this happens.

Apple updates ios and not everything goes right all at once. Some issues fall through the cracks but they’re patched at a later date.

Back in 2013, ios 7 was released and some iPhones had calls redirected to voicemail, but this option was disabled by default since then. If you have the same problem since updating your ios, there could be a relation to the two issues so updating your ios can fix it as it likely has a patch for it.

Disable silent mode

As silly as it sounds, you could have turned on silent mode by mistake hence all the missed calls because you just can’t hear the phone ring. Check the slider on the side of the phone and see if it’s muted. You can also go to Settings>Sounds & Haptics and check the volume level or if you chose a good ringtone that’s audible and recognizable.

Turn off Do Not Disturb mode

This feature was added in ios 6 in 2012, but a new one for driving arrived with the ios 11 update. If you turned it on by mistake, or turned it on and forgot to disable it, then it could be the cause of your calls going directly to voicemail.

The good news is you can tell if it’s on, by looking out for a crescent moon icon in the upper right side of the status bar next to the battery and Bluetooth icons. For iPhone XS or other similar models, you’ll see a big Do Not Disturb sign on your lock screen or the DND moon in the control centre.

Do Not Disturb silences any calls or alerts when enabled, which is why they’re sent to voicemail before you can answer them.

Check if the network is down

If your phone’s network service is down, or you don’t have enough access, the fault is with your service provider, not the iPhone. Try to restart the phone and see if it works, but if it doesn’t, try turning on Airplane mode and turn it off again before you call the provider.

Change settings

Sometimes when you find calls going straight to voicemail, it could be stemming from your network provider’s settings, which you have to adjust by dialing the network and use the phone option.

Check if the network is okay and then go to Settings>General>Reset network settings and enter your passcode so you have the right settings. The provider determines whether you can change the length of time your phone will ring before going to voicemail.

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