Google Chrome Latest Security Feature Will Protect Only Some Specific Users

Google Chrome will defend some selected users against dangerous downloads. It would do it by using the Advanced Protection Program or APP. Google initially launched the program in 2017.

The program aimed to give its users who may be the target of cyber attacks a way out, a way to be protected at all times when they access their Google accounts. We are talking about journalists, politicians, and activists.

But we all know how threats happen, so Google is now expanding the program to Google Chrome, as well. They want to block all the malicious downloads that can be used in the sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The Advanced Protection Program users who have Google Chrome will automatically start receiving stronger protections against risky downloads. They will not download files that contain malware. They already benefit from malware protection, and it is more than Gmail standard.

Google Chrome Latest Security Feature Will Protect Only Some Specific Users

Because of this, attackers are changing their strategies. They threaten then Advanced Protection users outside of email. They give the target drive-by downloads. This means that they are unaware of downloading harmful software onto their devices.

Users that are included in this program will start to see a warning, that particular update, for example, eas blocked by Advanced Protection. Then, they will receive some options to discard the message or to keep the file.

There is also a Learn more button, that will give these users more info on why the download was blocked. Users from this program won’t have to change anything on their devices, because the feature is enabled automatically.

It does not matter which platform they are using. However, they do have to turn on the sync feature in the browser, in order to allow the Advanced Protection in Google Chrome system to perform the checks and to block the malicious downloads.

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