Microsoft is Implementing Quick Replies to Outlook​​

Both Gmail and Outlook are among the most used and loved email services at the moment. Each service provides an admirable and quite unique set of features for its users. Speaking of which, Microsoft has recently optimized its application to get up to speed to Google’s features and offers. Here is what the tech giant brought to its popular email client, Outlook.

Gmail is the last released email client of the two services, but it is way more popular than Microsoft’s Outlook. Google has regularly updated its email program since it launched it back in 2004, and it implemented new functions and brought enhancements to the app.

For instance, Google has been eager to incorporate machine learning into Gmail to make it smarter. The company released back in 2017 a feature known as ‘Smart Reply,’ that generated quick responses to emails according to the content.

When a user tries to reply to an email, the app will provide a few possible replies that, if clicked on, can automatically and immediately be sent. Even though the feature is incredible on desktops, it seems more comfortable on smartphones. Microsoft’s Outlook can also provide its users with suggested responses at an email, but this option has been limited to its computer client.

Even so, Microsoft is finally incorporating quick replies to smartphones as well. The Outlook app on the Google Play Store was upgraded not long ago to make the functionality possible. With regards to the new option, Microsoft said that the functionality would allow you to edit the response before you sent it. All the weekly updates will also come with performance enhancements and bug fixes to make the app better for its users.

As soon as you got the new app version, you can turn on the feature by going to your Outlook account settings and making sure that ‘suggested replies’ toggle is enabled.

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