iMessage not working on iPhone – Here’s The Fix

iMessage not working

Are you having problems receiving or sending text messages on your iPhone? You’re probably struggling with the iMessage not working problem. When this happens, it could be caused by downtime with iMessage service, so the messages fail to send or get delivered to their recipients.

We’re going to look at the different causes of the problem and their corresponding solutions so you can choose the one that’s most relevant to your situation.

How to fix iMessage not working on iPhone

There several reasons why iMessage won’t work on your iPhone including a problem with the Messages app, iMessage server, or your settings need some adjusting. Here are some of the causes and troubleshooting steps that will solve the common iMessage issues so you can get your texting service back up and running.

iMessage server is down

When this happens, it could mean other iMessage users aren’t accessing the service too. It happens albeit occasionally, but when it does, check any Apple online services from the System Status page to get a heads-up on any planned maintenance or report of recently resolved issues. Either way, you can still communicate via normal text, which shows up as green-bubble texts instead of the iMessage blue-bubble texts.

Weak WiFi signal or connection

iMessage works with a data or WiFi connection so check that yours is strong before trying to use the service again, otherwise it won’t send. Make sure you’re on a 3G or 4G cellular network connection, or good WiFi signal. If you can’t get a connection signal, press and hold the undelivered message and select Send as text message to send as a normal text. This will get through even over a GPRS connection.

Incorrect settings

Sometimes when you find iMessage not working on your iPhone, it could be that the settings need adjusting. To do this, go to Settings>Messages and turn on iMessage. If it’s on and still doesn’t work, go to Settings>Messages and check the addresses and mobile numbers listed in Send & Receive. Check also that your time zone settings are set to update automatically by going to Settings>General>Date & Time and set it.

Messages backlog

If there are lots of messages like photos or videos, your iMessage app may slow down a bit. Delete some of them to reduce the size of the iMessage library. You can also change settings to send low-res images that are smaller in size. To do this, open Settings>Messages and toggle Low-quality Image Mode on.

Outdated iOS

If your iPhone’s software isn’t updated, a bug could stop iMessage from working properly. To update, go to Settings>General>Software Update and check for an update.

Network settings

You can reset network settings if iMessage isn’t working on your iPhone. To do this, open Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network settings and enter your passcode after you do this. Turning off WiFi Assist can also help in some cases (Settings>Mobile Data>WiFi Assist and turn it off).

As a last resort, you can factory reset your iPhone if iMessage still won’t work after using the above solutions. Back up your data and then go to Settings>General>Reset.

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