Cracked iPhone Screen – What To Do If You Have One

Cracked iPhone Screen

A cracked iPhone screen is sadly a common issue. It could have dropped accidentally, and when you reached down and picked it up, your worst fears were confirmed – the display is broken.

If this is your situation and you’re not sure how to get it repaired, we’re going to show you the best options to get the cracked screen fixed and your iPhone back up and running.

It’s bad but it certainly isn’t a disaster because you have options, and the tips in this post will guide you in mending an iPhone screen that’s visibly broken. If yours isn’t working or responding to any touch, it could be a frozen iPhone screen.

How to fix a cracked iPhone screen

Take your iPhone to Apple repair

Apple is always available with a great support team that can help rescue and repair your iPhone’s cracked screen. However, this isn’t for free, whether or not you’re still in the warranty period because the standard warranty doesn’t cover accidental damages.

If you’ve paid for AppleCare+ though, the cost won’t be very high as it includes repairs for at most two accidental damage cases, with an excess fee. To fix your iPhone’s screen, you have to pay $29 regardless of the model, while other repairs are charged at a flat rate of $99.

However, without AppleCare+, you’ll end up paying a lot more especially for iPhone X users. Your best bet is to contact Apple and see how much it’ll cost.

Check with a high-street iPhone retailer

If you can’t afford the charges by Apple, you can visit a high street retailer that deals in iPhone or iPad screen repairs. This is a lower cost option, because most people who break the screen on their phones or tablets like a personal touch, which the online repair service doesn’t give as such.

Plus, if anything goes wrong with this kind of repair shop, then you know where to complain about it.

However, you need to be aware that several cases of iPhones repaired with replacement screens may become unresponsive to touch, even when done in high street repair shops. This could be attributed to the exacerbation by the ios 11.3 update that is thought to have rendered some repaired iPhone 8 models unresponsive to touch after adding non-Apple displays.

Some people are experiencing problems after updating to ios 11.3, even with some genuine Apple displays used for the repair of broken phones. The issues include inability to adjust brightness automatically, which is said to affect devices running ios 11.1/11.2/11.3 according to an Engadget report.

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