Wrong Person In iPhone Photos Faces [SOLVED]

Wrong Person In iPhone Photos Faces

Have you ever taken photos using your iPhone and when you try to check the different shots later on, the Photos app keeps mistaking a person in a picture for someone else? First off, your iPhone isn’t perfect, neither are the apps installed in it, so when you get the wrong person in iPhone Photos faces, there are things you’ll need to do to correct the problem.

iPhone Photos app can get the person wrong sometimes – a case of mistaken identities – but it can also be quite clever in recognizing faces. This lets the app group images together that feature a certain person, which can come in handy at some point or another.

If you find misidentified faces on your photos, you have to correct them manually. The problem with this is that it isn’t immediately known where you can do the corrections to fix the problem.

Thankfully, once you know how to fix it, and where to go, you can make the alterations easily.

Below are some steps you need to take to fix or remove faces that your Photos app wrongly identified on your iPhone.

What to do when you get the wrong person in iPhone Photos faces

Find the person’s face

This is the first thing to do if the Photos app doesn’t recognize or has misidentified the person or persons (or face) in question. To do this:

  • Open Photos app on your iPhone
  • Tap Albums at the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll up and go to the People & Places section
  • Now tap the People box. This has a sub-album for every person that the app believes it has on one or more pictures identified.
  • Tap on a face and the app will bring up all the pictures that it thinks the person appears in

Change faces

In order to change a face manually on your iPhone’s Photos app, you can take these steps:

  • Tap Select option just above the photos
  • A new option will pop up at the bottom of the page called Show faces
  • Tap Show faces. The Photos app will show you the areas on each picture that it thinks you’ll see the person’s face. If it’s wrong, tap the image and then select Share icon in the lower left corner of the screen
  • The Share menu will be displayed with an icon named Not This Person
  • Tap this icon to remove the association between the person and the photo

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