Nintendo Switch Lite Available with New Connectivity and Improvements

New promising features that will bring you more joy and connectivity. From processors to batteries, here is what Nintendo proudly unveil for the future of its products.

From all the improvements they could have chosen, Nintendo went with a slight chance for the battery. They chose not to really change it but improving it with a better processor. According to some sources, there isn’t a big difference between the Switch Lite, which uses a 13,6Wh processor, and the 16Wh battery in the regular Switch, because the Lite version is just 16 % smaller.

However, one of the reasons why the Switch Lite version can give you a better experience when it comes of battery life, is because of its less power needed in order to run. Also, the fact that its display comes in smaller dimensions and it doesn’t have removable Joy-Con controllers, improve the battery’s life. Nintendo stated that they chose too, a better chip layout for the best performance.

For the regular Nintendo Switch, there are few features, which make them slightly noticeable. Even though, the developers had to choose between new and bigger batteries or an efficient new processor. Of course, they went with the last option, even confirm it that they will use a new CPU.

After analyzing some released photos, it’s clear that Nintendo didn’t want to play the same games when it came to their other features, like boards, for example. The developers used different boards for both Switch models, with quite a funny part when they chose the names for them, like ODIN and MODIN, the first being a mythological name.

A Switch Pro is rumored to appear, according to the fact that the company still has space and inspiration for designing a new board. And it is also believed that Nintendo will go with the Thor force this time.

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