iPad Pro 2019: Everything We Know So Far About Features and Release Date

We all know that iPhone 11 is supposed to be the one that catches all the attention, and we also know that there’s the Apple Watch Series 5 that’s going to be released in September. However, analysts believe that there is another gadget that everyone is looking forward to having: the iPad Pro 2019.

As per Forbes, the company might come with a new iPad Pro that’s supposed to be the disruptive update of the current line. The new tablets will come out with various screen sizes and connectivity options.

Will there be seven devices?

As per some earlier reports, Apple could come with five new variants of the iPads that have passed the EEC – Eurasian Economic Commission – fillings. Other two options got the EEC certifications as well. This suggests that Apple could release all seven devices this year, in fall.

We have seen how the EEC has been reliable when it comes to news of the latest Apple products since the company has to release some details in advance, before their devices go on sale in different countries, such as Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

In spite of the fact of these details, we don’t have much about the newly certified gadgets. But what we do know for sure is that the EEC filings refer to a collection that is described like this: “Name Full Tablet computers of the trademark ‘Apple’ models A2200, A2232 (iPad OS software version 13).”

The tablets will be powered by the iPad OS 13, and they will also be the refreshed versions of the Pad Pro models, which were released back in October, last year. This means that the new models could still keep the 11 in and 12.9 in models from the October release.

There is also the entry-level iPad mini, which is 9.7 inch in size. It could go up to 10.2 inches. The iPad Air will also receive a nice update, that will come with keyboard compatibility and Pencil functionality.

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