Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Release Date with Newest Specs, Features and Prices

The Galaxy Watch Active can still be considered hot news, at it has just been launched this year along with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 models. However, the company believes the smartwatch could use some improvements, and Samsung is launching the Galaxy Watch Active 2, before the release of the Galaxy Note 10.

The Galaxy Watch Active marked the abolishment of a common feature for smartwatches: the rotating bezel used to scroll through the menu. The mechanical ring has now been replaced with a digital one, which is featured in the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Now, let’s discuss the improvements of the second generation of Samsung Active smartwatches. First of all, the display got an upgrade and went from a small 1.1-inch AMOLED panel to a 1.2 or 1.4-inch rounded display with thinner bezels.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2.0 will be available in two variants, an aluminum one and a stainless steel one. The material creates a difference in price of $100. Even more, the stainless steel variant will also be available with LTE, for an additional amount of $50.

If you want to have a better idea of the different prices for all of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 variants, the following table might come in handy:


Galaxy Watch Active 2 Aluminium 40mm

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Aluminium 44mm

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Stainless Steel 40mm

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Stainless Steel 44mm

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Stainless Steel 40mm LTE

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Stainless Steel 44mm LTE

299 Euros

319 Euros

399 Euros

419 Euros

449 Euros

469 Euros


The aluminum models will sport a plastic bracelet, while the more expensive variants will have a leather strap.

The official release date for the Galaxy Watch Active is September 6 and September 27 for the LTE version.

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