OnePlus Camera 3.8.13 Brings New Features To OnePlus 7 Pro

Google is very close to release its version of Android Q. As for OnePlus 7 Pro, that has Android Q beta, as the company released its fourth beta version. Along with it, OnePlus Camera got an update, and we are now talking about OnePlus Camera 3.8.13. This version comes with new features for the camera mode.

OnePlus 7 Pro launched in May, this year, along with OnePlus 7. The users are pleased about OnePlus 7 Pro’s display, its fantastic build quality, its reliable triple cameras, and its excellent performance and storage speed.

But there are some minuses reported, such as the average battery life, or the non-existing wireless charging. There were reports about some missing features which consumers would have a comfortable experience by using the phone. Now, the developers try to bring new updates to fulfill their wishes.

What’s new in OnePlus Camera 3.8.13 for OnePlus 7 Pro?

The OnePlus Camera 3.8.1 came out with OnePlus’ Android Q DP3, having a “Focus Tracking’ setting hard to find in the menu. This setting was useful as it kept the moving people and animals always in focus, working in the photo and video modes. Now, in the OnePlus Camera 3.8.13, we can see ”Focus Tracking’ in the Settings menu.

Another new feature added to this new version is the ”Macro mode’. When you open the Camera of your phone, you can find the ”Macro mode’ button on the top bar. Using it, you can make close photos if you hold the phone at a 2.5cm-8cm distance from your subject. Note that in the ”Macro mode’ you cannot use the flash of the Camera.

We can’t find this feature on other phones besides the OnePlus 7 Pro. But if we think about it, OnePlus 7 Pro didn’t come out with a dedicated macro lens. So, it’s a good thing the developers try to let us use auto-focus on the wide-angle lens for macro shots.

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