iPhone 11 Series To Support Apple Pencil, According To Rumors

Apple might add support for the Apple Pencil to this year’s iPhones 11 series. The prior period to the September release of this year’s iPhones may be flooded with rumors and forecasts regarding the addition to the smartphones. The occasion of this rumor was the reveal of Apple Inc’s quarterly results, which made numerous analysts flutter their predictions on what we can expect from the tech giant.

Claims That Apple Pencil Support is On Are Flooding The Internet

Citi Research is among the ones that included their take on regarding Apple’s inclusion of Apple Pencil support in the iPhones set to launch this year. Those people not entirely convinced about this statement said that similar rumors spread all over the internet in the past, but Apple did not deliver on the predictions in 2018. According to an old forecast, the Apple Pencil support for iPhones will be offered to start with this year.

More Rumors on iPhone 11 Series

Besides the Apple Pencil support, Citi Research has a lot of things to say in its report. Even so, the majority of these claims have already been repeatedly reported in the last few weeks.

The new triple camera array placed in a square bump on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, along with the OLED screens on these two smartphones have been noted before, over and over again. Even though there have not been accurate rumors on the camera resolutions, Citi Research claims it will be 14 MP cameras on the back of the phones, and a 10 MP lens in the front.

What it makes it more interesting, the Citi Research report has also mentioned price predictions as well. If you were to believe their claims, the iPhone 11 would come with the price tag of $999, the iPhone 11 Max will cost $1099, and the iPhone 11R will be sold at $749. Similar to all the other unconfirmed rumors, we take those predictions with a pinch of salt. However, it cannot be completely denied the fact that Apple has been left with a small area to play around with the costs.

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