Upgraded Nintendo Switch Model Might Soon Be Available Globally

After the release of the much-awaited Nintendo Switch Lite in July, Nintendo fans were not expecting any more surprises from the company for a while. However, the tech giant revealed another exciting news that no one even suspected. It seems that, in addition to the original version of the Nintendo Switch, the company is releasing an upgraded Nintendo Switch model. The news sparked a lot of excitement among fans all over the world, which does not come as a surprise, since the standard Nintendo Switch gained a right amount of popularity since its release in March 2017.

What’s even more surprising is that Nintendo never made an official public announcement for the upgraded model. The only source that confirms it is the “Compare systems” page on Nintendo’s website. The upgraded console has the model number HAC-001(-01), and rumors say it features the new ‘Mariko’ version of the Tegra X1 processor, having a significantly more powerful battery compared to the standard model.

Upgraded Nintendo Switch Model Might Soon Be Available Globally

According to the Nintendo website, the new battery can last up to 9 hours, while the old one can last a maximum of 6.5 hours. We are still not sure if the latest model will feature other improvements, like a performance boost, but we’ll keep you updated if we stumble upon any more news.

The company has not done any advertising for the new model yet, but it seems that Nintendo Switch model HAC-001(-01) has already started to appear in some stores in Australia. According to some sources, the new model comes in a brand-new redesigned box, and it currently retails for approximately $300 in Australia. Even more, starting with August 1, 2019, the console also became available in Hong Kong.  It is unknown when the upgraded Nintendo Switch will become available globally, but we figure we will not have to wait much longer to get our hand on it.

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