Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Update – Best Screen and a Punch-Hole Camera

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is very close and that’s why we have some important updates for you. We’re expecting the release of two new versions, Note 10 and Note 10+.

Here‘s what we know

Firstly, August 7 is the official release date that has been already confirmed. Also, we found out more about the prices. Apparently, Galaxy Note 10 will be €999 in Europe and Galaxy Note 10+ will be more expensive, €1,149.

Latest updates

On August 2 we heard by some informational leak that the handset of the smartphone will abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack after the confirmation of its release was made on August first. The date announced was August 23.

Also, we found out from Samsung on July that the company has introduced support pages for the new smartphones. More importantly is that Galaxy Note 10+ will be 5G, as confirmed by Evan Blass.

WinFuture gave us more details about Galaxy Note Plus. According to the website, the smartphone will have a triple-lens function on the back and it will be available in 3 colours: black, silver and, of course, white.

On July 11 we were able to see the first image of Galaxy Note 10 and we could tell that the model looked a little bit in the Huawei style. Before that, Samsung released the official teaser for the smartphone.

On July 8 a leaker informed us that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have the best screen and also a centrally-placed punch-hole camera. Also, in June we found out that the Galaxy Note 10 Pro may include 5G as standard. Even if at the time there were still six weeks left until the launch of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro, MobileFun started putting out accessories for them.

We think that these updates are enough to give you a clearer idea about the launch of Galaxy Note 10.

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