Persona 5 Royal: New Content that Changes Original Game

Persona is an RPG game series from Japan and the developers have launched a new trailer this year that showcases what is meant to be an expansion but is actually some sort of rework of the main game with new content added to it. The game series is exclusive to the PlayStation.

Persona 5 Basic Plot

The action of Persona 5 takes place in a modern Tokyo and revolves around the protagonist that has taken the name, Joker. Go figure. The adolescent transfers to Shujin Academy where most things tend to happen. Picture something like Spiderman’s highschool.

Joker is falsely accused of beating someone up and all eyes are on him to see if he slips up again. But the interesting part is that the kids in the school awaken mystical powers during the course of the academic year. So, naturally, they want to become vigilantes and fight crime, rather than rob banks or even rule over all of Japan.

Changes in Royal

The Persona series has been affected by several changes to its original content in the past. But the upcoming Persona 5 Royal is raising the stakes on the redesign of the game. The trailer has been designated PV02 and it shows both cinematic and gameplay video.

Everything is in Japanese but fans of the series will mostly follow what is going on, despite the language barrier. There is a new main character called Kasumi and much of the content revolves around her. Players of the previous games will recognize differences in events that took place.


Kasumi, one of the new characters, moves to Tokyo and enrolls to the Academy around the same time as Joker. She befriends the protagonist and his friends while at school.

Kasumi is saved by Joker and his vigilantes but ends up resenting their existence, not knowing their identities. She likes the law and the police more than this otherwise popular brand of direct justice.

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