No Man’s Sky Beyond To Come Out This Month

No Man’s Sky, an incredibly loved game, is finally bringing about its new update that is expected to come this month. The game’s fans have been anticipating the new upgrade in a series of huge, free updates, with the title No Man’s Sky Beyond, since it was unveiled back in March.

The update has been worked on ever since Hello Games released the amazing Next update last year. Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray confirmed at the time that the new release would be three huge updates coming into a larger free roll out.

The game studio has allowed fans to briefly peak at the update, 15 minutes in No Man’s Sky VR, but it seems like an ideal match. Beyond comes with extensive changes to multiplayer and No Man’s Sky social tier, which was basically non-existent when the game was released, and also VR support. “No Man’s Sky is such a great fit for VR, that suddenly experiencing it in virtual reality felt completely natural to me,” Chris Livingston wrote.

No Man’s Sky​ Beyond Release Date Set For August 14th

“The key to tricking your brain in VR, I’ve found, is for the experience to feel as intuitive and normal as possible. Even though work on No Man’s Sky VR isn’t yet done, I already felt perfectly at home inside it. Whatever voodoo is required to make a game feel just right in VR, Hello Games seems to have nailed it,” Livingston added.

Even though we know that one of these updates is going to represent No Man’s Sky​ Online, a new method to multiplayer, the second is a VR support, but the third update remains an enigma. Hello Games teased its plans in March, this year, noting that it was developing a unique new social and multiplayer experience which allows players all over the world to meet and play together. However, there were no more details released regarding this.

Even though it is great to know that No Man’s Sky Beyond will appear on August the 14th, it seems that we have to wait a bit longer to know what the update will bring to the table.

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