iPad Can’t Print Or Find The Printer – Try These Fixes

iPad Can’t Print Or Find The Printer

If your printer is AirPrint-enabled, you should be able to easily print on your iPad. However, sometimes the iPad can’t print or find the printer even after you transmit the print job to it. Ideally, once you tap the Share button, select your printer and tap the print button, it should be able to print smoothly, but that isn’t always the case.

Some of the most common problems is when the iPad can’t recognize or find the printer, so it can’t print to it. This is usually as a result of broken communication between the iPad and printer, but you can use a few fixes to resolve this problem.

How to fix iPad can’t print or find the printer

Preliminary checks

  • Turn on the printer. Sometimes you may have sent the print job out only to find the printer had been turned off at some point, especially if it isn’t in the same room as you are.
  • Check that you’re on the right WiFi network. AirPrint works over WiFi, so you can’t print to your network printer unless you connect to the Internet via 4G. It should also be the exact same WiFi network you use with your printer, so ensure they’re both on one network for AirPrint to work.
  • Refresh WiFi connection. This forces your iPad to find the printer all over again. To do this, open Settings on your iPad, tap WiFi and toggle the switch to turn off WiFi. Leave it off for a few and turn it on again, then try to print.
  • Reboot your iPad and the printer. This fixes several random problems like software or technical glitches. Powering the printer down and back up again can also correct issues in it, so do this and reconnect to WiFi before trying printing again.
  • Verify your printer is AirPrint. Check that it’s compatible with your iPad on the packaging and if its AirPrint-enabled. You can check from Apple’s website for a list of AirPrint printer models.
  • Check paper and ink levels. This is especially so when the printer shows up in the list on your iPad. Normally, if it’s out of paper or the ink level is low, the printer should display an error message.

Run diagnostics on your printer

Most printers have the basic diagnostics option to check for paper jams, ink levels and other common issues.

Reboot your router

The issue may not be with your iPad or printer at all, but with the router. Turn it off and back on to see if it helps resolve the problem when your iPad can’t print or find the printer.

If all else fails, contact the printer’s manufacturer for more specific troubleshooting steps.

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