Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Top Comps to Build In Ranked – Guide, Tips, Cheat Sheet

Teamfight Tactics received a massive update this week – patch 9.15, and some important hotfixes as well, meaning the old meta has changed. Let’s see what are the builds that can keep you in the first 4 places and win you some LP in ranked.

There are six comps that are considered top tier. We have a cheat sheet with all comps at the bottom of the article. Also, check back on our TFT page, for Patch 9.15B is just a few days away!

Go Ranger Knights when you start with some Nobles and Recurve Bows since Static Shiv is the main item you build on Vayne and Varus. However, Ashe is the carry, and she will need a Shojin.

Early Game: Start with Nobles and grab all the rangers you find.

Mid Game: Add Lucian to replace Fiora. Find Ashe and after lvl 6 start rolling to find Kindred and Leona.


  • This comp is good against Elementals.
  • Add Static Shiv early on Vayne to win many rounds in early. 3 star Vayne or Varus.
  • Make sure you position the Guardians to buff as many units as possible.
  • When you reach lvl 8 and haven’t found Kayle yet, you can also add Sejuani and place a Frozen Mallet on a ranger to get the 4 Glacials buff.

Go Imperial Blademasters when you have a good start with a 2 star Darius and find a lot of Recurve Bows to later give to Draven (he needs Guinsoo, RFC and BT).

Early Game: Start with Darius and Garen, add Morde if you see him.

Mid Game: Grab Braum and Leona, and keep an eye out on all the imperials. If you don’t get the 4, just go 2 imperials or 3 blademasters until you see Swain.


  • You can get Vayne (later paired with Ashe) or Tristana (+ another Gunslinger) in early game to use all the items you’d put on Draven.
  • Don’t be afraid to take advantage of other synergies – get Sejuani to have 2 buffs – Glacial (with Braum) and Knight (with Darius) in mid-game.
  • If you get too many Tear of the Goddess, keep them and add them to Katarina for fast ultimates.

Void Comps

We’ll talk here about three comps that start the same in early, but at lvl 6, they go in different directions. The images speak for themselves, but let’s see what’s different.

Start with the trio of Void champions, and go, sorcerers, if you get a lot of Needlessly Large Rods or two Recurve Bows for an RFC. You will need Cho’Gath to complete this build and make him your carry – he needs Morellos, Rabadon and RFC.

Early Game: Start with the three Void champs and start getting your early sorcerers – Lulu and Ahri

Mid Game: Ditch Kha’zix and add Veigar. After lvl 6, you should roll for Aurelion Sol.


  • At 8, add Karthus and if the game lasts until 9, look for Morde or Kindred to get the Phantom bonus.
  • A Shojin on Lulu will save the day, a Guinsoo on Kassadin is also great! You can add a second Morello on Morgana.

Considering Cho’Gath is the carry in all three Void comps, what better buff than brawler + void? Go for the same start and grab Volibear and as many Recurve Bows as you can. If things don’t go in your favor, consider going Void Jungle.

Early Game: Start with the three Void champs and start getting Blitz ASAP to get the brawler buff.

Mid Game: Search for Voli and Cho’Gath, but also keep an eye on the two guardians.


  • Cho and Voli are your carries, so each one needs an RFC. Voli with an RFC and Cursed Blade is insane. Cho with an RFC and Morello + Rabadon is also very strong.
  • If you get too many Tear of the Goddess, give Blitz a Shojin (+BF) and Leona a Frozen Heart (+Mail).

This one isn’t tough to pull off, considering it’s a mix of Void, Wild and Assassins.

Early Game: Start with the three Void, but also get Warwick and Blitz if you see them. Try to get a lot of Recurve Bows.

Mid Game: Add in Warwick, Cho, and Blitz and once you get lvl7, add Rengar.


  • Your carries are Rengar and Cho. Give both of them an RFC. Rengar can also get a GA and a Static Shiv. Cho gets the same as in the other builds: RFC, Raba, Morello.
  • Akali completes the comp, giving you the 3 Assassin buff and the Ninja buff.

This Sorcerers build is almost similar to the void because you start with them. But later, instead of keeping the Void champs, you get a 3rd Yordle and Ahri + Morde. If you get a lot of Needlessly Large Rods and Tear of the Goddess, keep them for Aurelion Sol (Guinsoo, Shojin, Rabadon) and Karthus (Seraph, Rabadon)

Early Game: Start with the three Void champs, but take all the Morde, Lulu and Ahri you see early.

Mid Game: Add Lulu, Morgana, Veigar, and Poppy, keeping on the board only Kassadin. After lvl 6, search for Aurelion Sol.


  • Until Aurelion Sol shows up, keep on the board Kass, the three Yordles + Morgana and Mordekaiser to get the Yordle, Knight and Sorcerer bonuses.
  • Build a Guinsoo on Kass and then keep it for ASol when he shows up. If you can, add a Morello on Morgana.
  • This build is good when everybody is fighting over Void units because you can make your comp easily.
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We have more TFT news, guides, and updates on our Teamfight Tactics page. We’re also getting ready for some Hextech comps once the new Origin shows up in Patch 9.16 in TFT – that’s less than 2 weeks away! If you’re looking for more team comps, head over to to get some more visual guides like the cheatsheet above.

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