Clash Royale Best Tips and Tricks for Balancing and Tower Breakers

Card games are seeing increased popularity as time goes on and Clash Royale is no exception. Especially due to the support from its cousin Clash of Clans. Who doesn’t like a barbarian in a barrel catapulted into the air?

The way this game works is to combine cards with a map in which the elements come to life and interact with each other. Each player hets two towers and elixir to power up their cards. When those run out it means trouble and you can’t really go back from that.

So, with that in mind, you should consider what you launch into the battlefield. There are only 8 cards in your deck so use them wisely.

Clash Royale Tips

Balancing. 100 percent melee tanks is not a good build for your deck. Try building an army of tanks, shooters, and splash damage units. A buff or two can also go a long way. But keep in mind that you have towers to destroy.

Tower breakers. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s towers. So having a unit that only deals damage to structures can be a very good idea. A Giant or a Hog Rider can really help you out and can tank a bit of damage on the way to the tower. But remember to support them.

Experiment with pairs. Do not send units in alone because they will get wrecked. Send a balloon or a Spirit in front of your tower breakers to support them.

Spells. Using these magic cards can give you a serious edge to stop the enemy advance for a few seconds or help you make a push for a tower. Freeze and Zap are very useful.

Swarms. Try using low tier units in big numbers to combat a powerful opponent card. If powered up, Goblins and Skeletons can do some serious damage. But they are vulnerable to AoE.

Sound and Timing. Taking advantage of time is key in just about all games. Letting your Elixir build up instead of attacking immediately can be helpful. Sound can also provide you with benefits as you can hear what type of unit has spawned on the enemy side without even looking.

Distract and Kite. When faced with more powerful units, a cheesy but well-used tactic is to kite them around the field and shoot from a distance. The way to do this is to launch a cheap unit in the middle of the field as a distraction.

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