Camera Shaking In iPhone – Get The Fixes Here

Camera Shaking In iPhone

The iPhone 7, 8 and X models are designed with the best cameras and enhanced image quality since the iPhone 7 was introduced with the rear/front camera.

The focus tool has to work properly if you have to capture great photos with your iPhone. However, if you find the camera shaking in iPhone 7, 8 or X while trying to get the perfect shot, you can end up with blurry photos. This is annoying considering how much you spent on the device.

The good news, though, is that you can resolve the camera shaking problem using a few fixes you’ll find in this post, and resume taking great quality shots using your iPhone.

Fix camera shaking in iPhone 7, 8 and X

Remove the iPhone’s cover

A camera case is one of the culprits when the camera is shaking in your iPhone, especially if the case is loose. Take out the case and see if the images are better and there’s no more shaking. Sometimes a case that doesn’t also fit well can affect your camera, so removing it usually helps.

Remove any dirt on the camera’s lens

The camera lens won’t give clear focus when it’s dirty. To resolve this, get a soft microfiber cloth and clean the dirt off the lens to ensure it is dirt and dust-free.

Lock focus

If the camera is still shaking while you’re trying to capture photos, and the images it produces are blurry, you can lock the focus of the camera to a specific object to resolve the shaking issue. When you lock focus, the iPhone will still focus on the object you want even if the phone is shaking.

Restart camera app

The camera app could also be a culprit when you find the camera shaking in iPhone. Close it and open it again to see if it helps. Also try tapping the iPhone lightly at the top and see if it helps.

Reboot the phone

Most times, features in the iPhone can start malfunctioning after long periods of use, and this can be resolved with a simple restart or switching the phone off and back on again after some minutes.

Swap LED lights

LED lights on your camera usually flash when you take pictures especially if you’re on poor-quality LED. If this causes the camera to shake, remove the LED light and replace with a new one.

Switch off portrait mode

iPhone 8 and X cameras are good in low light, except when Portrait mode is on. This mode requires that you capture the images using the two camera lenses on the iPhone – wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, so the low light causes issues. Turn off Portrait mode and see if it helps.

Factory reset the phone

When nothing else works, back up your data and perform a factory reset to restore the phone back to default factory settings. Once you do this, go to Settings>Reset>Erase all content settings and then restore the iPhone from your backup or iCloud.

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