Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019: Killstreaks

Many rumors and leaks have been flying around about the Moden Warfare 2019 multiplayer mode and the presence of killstreaks. The release date of the game will be the 25th of October 2019, so it won’t take long until we can definitely see what’s exactly going on.

It is looking like the game will receive some kind of killstreaks count, much in the same way Dota 2 has but more orientated to specialty kills. We cannot be sure about the feature at this time but Call of Duty games have used it in the past so why not Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare 2019 Killstreak types

  • Personal UAV. Unmanned helicopter that scouts map and pings enemies
  • Unmanned helicopter that provides support for the team
  • Advanced UAV. Aerial vehicle that fires aggressively on enemy positions
  • Shielded Turret. Mobile turret that can be deployed with front shielding
  • Sentry Gun. Mobile turret, deployable as an automated defense
  • Care Package. A cargo drop that randomly hits targets
  • Scrambler Drone. Mobile aerial drone that scrambles enemy minimap
  • Cluster Strike. Tag an area for fighter jet bombardment
  • Cruise Missile. Missile deployment that has high damage in impacted area
  • Precision Airstrike. Marking a target area for mortar bombardment
  • Lightly armored tank, operated remotely, high caliber or explosive rounds
  • Manned tank, two-man crew
  • Manned helicopter with machine guns and missiles
  • AI Helicopter that provides support
  • Hovering fighter jet that drops hellfire
  • White Phosphorus. Planes with chemical strike capabilities.
  • Gunship AC-130. Cargo plane equipped with a series of heavy machine guns
  • Heavily armored combat suit
  • Game finisher, unlocked by 25 kills in a row

Other streaks

Killstreaks promote personal results on an individual level but we may get other streaks as well with the upcoming game. Scorestreaks may be used to promote the satisfaction of current objectives on a team level.

Specialist streaks could be reintroduced in the franchise as they have not made an appearance since Ghosts. These streaks offer perks for players that have achieved a killstreak without dying. The specialist streaks could involve a series of specific kills in the marksman, blade, and blast shield categories, among others.

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