Battery drain in ios 11 and 12 – Try These Fixes

Battery drain in ios

When you experience battery drain in ios 11 and 12 on your device, you may think an invisible bug is causing it. However, this isn’t always the case. Features such as Location services and Background app refresh, however useful, can cause battery drain on your ios device, so you need to use them cleverly.

This post looks at some of the troubleshooting steps you can take when your iPhone’s battery drains a lot in ios 11 or 12.

How to fix battery drain in ios 11 and 12

Check battery consumption on your iPhone

Before fixing the battery drain in ios 11 and 12, you can go to your iPhone’s settings and tap on Battery to check the main culprits that are consuming the maximum battery on your device. Once you find it, you can deal with it in different ways, for example, reduce brightness, or delete problematic apps, disable some settings and more.

Analyze all the apps and services running on the iPhone or iPad that consume maximum battery and take the steps to resolve it.

Disable automatic updates and downloads

If you enabled automatic app updates on ios 11 or 12, all the apps will be updated once the latest version arrives, like ios 13. This is a convenient thing but it doesn’t help with minimizing battery consumption.

In order to disable it, open Settings>iTunes and App Stores>Automatic Downloads, and then disable the switch next to Apps, Books and Audiobooks, Music, and Updates.

Check brightness and display settings

Keeping the brightness and display at medium level is good as it prevents battery drain on ios 11 and 12. Go to Settings and find Display and Brightness section, and then disable True Tone in ios 12, Auto-Lock to keep the duration shorter because as long as the screen is awake, it depletes the battery. Also disable Raise To Wake on your iPhone. You don’t have to wake the screen’s device every time you pick it up.

Disable Background App refresh

This is one of the power-hungry features that drain your battery in ios 11 and 12. Use it smartly by disabling the feature completely, or selecting apps that can refresh in the background. You can also choose to refresh apps only when connected to WiFi.

To do this, tap Settings>General and then tap Background Refresh Apps and disable it or tap refresh apps only on WiFi.

Disable Fetch new data

This is a good method to resolve battery drain issues in ios 11 and 12. You can disable the feature by opening Settings>Passwords and Accounts and then tap Fetch New Data. Disable the switch next to Push and select the Manually option.

Disable Notifications

If you have unwanted apps that you don’t need notifications for, you can disable their notifications by tapping Settings>Notifications and select the app you want to disable notifications for.

Enable Low power mode/ try low-quality image mode for messages

Low power mode helps maximize battery life as it disables all power hogging features like automatic downloads, mail fetch, background app refresh, updates and Hey Siri. It also reduces visual effects. If you send images via iMessages frequently, you can send low-quality photos and save both data and battery. Just go to Settings>Messages and find Low Quality Image mode and enable it.

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