Android Phone Stuck In Fastboot Mode [FIXES]

Android Phone Stuck In Fastboot Mode

Fastboot is an Android system protocol that helps you update your device’s flash files system, and re-flash the partition on your phone. It’s both wonderful and risky, as it can end up bricking your phone because it doesn’t have limitations when your phone is in that mode. You may find your phone locked on one screen with Fastboot written on it.

Fastboot mode is an alternative to Recovery mode, which exists to provide fast and limitless updates and installation on Android devices. In the Android Software Developer Kit (SDK), Fastboot helps update the flash file system, but it isn’t always available for use in all Android devices.

You can enable it only on Nexus devices and a few others, but you’d have to root your Android phone before accessing the feature.

What to do when you find Android phone stuck in Fastboot mode

As stated earlier, the Fastboot mode feature is risky and complex, and comes under Android SDK, so it isn’t found by default in all Android devices. This means general users can’t access it on their phones, so you’d have to root it before you can enable the feature on your device.

If you want to get out of Fastboot mode, try the fixes below to resolve it.

Restart your phone

This is the simplest troubleshooting method when you find your Android phone stuck in Fastboot mode. Restarting fixes any software or technical glitches that may cause the problem. If your phone has a removable battery, and the phone is still stuck in Fastboot mode, remove it and wait a few seconds before inserting the battery back and starting your phone.

Use Android reboot to restart the phone

If the normal restart doesn’t work, you can force reboot the phone using Android reboot tool. This makes the device enter and exit the mode in on ego, and can also fix other issues like when your phone is stuck in boot screen or recovery mode.

Use a Third party tool

There are several other tools you can use to help you get your phone out of Fastboot mode without any hassles. Once you find a suitable one, download it and launch it and then follow the on-screen instructions to get the phone out of Fastboot mode.

ADB and Fastboot Tools

This tool can help you exit the Fastboot mode on your Android phone. Developed by Google, this trustworthy app is easy to download and use to exit Fastboot mode. It’s also part of Android Studio. To do this:

• Download and install ADB and Fastboot tools to your computer
• Connect the Android device that’s stuck on Fastboot mode to your computer
• Launch the app and go to ADB folder
• Open the Terminal and enter Fastboot devices
• Find your device and type Fastboot reboot

Note: In order to use any app or software to fix the problem, back up all your data from your Android device, as the use of such apps or software may cause data loss as it resets your device.

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