LG V30 Gets an OS Upgrade​ – Available to Download with New Improvements

​LG V30 owners have finally gotten the Android 9.0. The tech giant has just released the OS update which comes with gesture controls, upgraded system apps, and so on. Over the last few years, LG has been mentioned as one of the worst smartphone makers with regards to the software updates.

The Android 9 Pie took almost a year to get to the US LG G7 smartphones, and the giant’s older versions have to still wait for an OS upgrade. LG has started rolling out the update over the air (OTA), to the 2017 V30 models. However, the update has not made its way to the US yet. There are a few versions of the V30, but only a couple of models, the LGMV300L and the H930​ were confirmed to run Android Pie at the moment. Those two models are the South Korean LG U+ and European LG V30. All the other versions seem to be still waiting for the upgrade, including the US models.

The company has initially scheduled a Q2 2019 launch, which was then delayed until July due to crucial improvements discovered during the quality stabilization test. As per MyLGPhones, LG has launched the OS update in 9 countries. More precisely, the giant released the upgrade for headsets in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom​. Owners located in those countries should have received the update already.

Numerous Reddit threads state that the OS update comes with gesture controls to the V30, together with new notification animations, icons, and wallpapers. LG has also upgraded the built-in gallery and music apps.

Even so, there have also been reports of V30 owners encountering gesture control issues, with LG’s new implementation allegedly crashing on a regular basis. Moreover, a few Reddit threads also include complains of slow and lagging system UI. There is still to verify these reports, as the company did not release any statement regarding the claimed issues.

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