OnePlus 7 Pro Ghost Touch Issues – Try These Fixes

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Are you experiencing ghost touch issues with your OnePlus 7 Pro phone? Some owners of this smartphone have raised this concern saying they’re not enjoying what should be an awesome experience with their touchscreen.

From various online forums, the complaint seems to be among many users, some of whom have shown videos of the crazy “phantom touches” they have to deal with. Among some of the culprits include CPU-Z app, which is said to reliably trigger ghost touches.

However, the problem isn’t felt among all OnePlus 7 Pro unit owners, but those who have been affected say launching the CPU-Z app triggers non-existent taps to the touchscreen. They’ve also reported similar taps when using other apps like Reddit or Google Chrome.

On its official forums, OnePlus acknowledged the issue, together with others like the selfie camera popping up, battery drain and heating problems among others.

While there isn’t a specific cause to the ghost touches, there are some ways you can use to work around the problem and get those touch issues gone, or at least under control.

How to resolve OnePlus 7 Pro Ghost Touch issues

Toggle off NFC in the Quick settings

Some OnePlus 7 Pro owners say they turned off the NFC on their smartphones and it eliminated or dried up the ghost touch problem. Apparently, the feature triggers the tp_proximity sensor, and causes the touch issues, but some still say despite turning off NFC, the issue persists.

Furthermore, it isn’t a permanent solution towards eliminating a bug by deactivating a smartphone feature.

Oxygen OS build

Some people also suggest that the ghost touch issues in the OnePlus 7 Pro can be fixed or reduced in the latest official Oxygen OS build. However, not everyone agrees with this as there are still some users suffering from the non-existent touches on their screen after updating the OS.

Have you ever experienced the same problem on your own OnePlus 7 Pro? Is there a specific fix that worked for you? We’d love to hear about it. Share your experience in a comment in the section below.

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