New iPad Model Reportedly Confirmed By Apple For 2019 Launch

Apple is rolling out new iPad models this fall that will possibly break its pattern in how they handle these devices. We usually see a few Pro versions every year with more entry-level versions being released once in a couple of years. Some sneaky evidence shows there may be more iPad versions than we were expecting. With a record number of 7 new versions. Possibly. A brand new tablet with a unique design is also expected to be seen in the roster.

The Asian mandatory leak

Apple did not actually mess up or anything. They probably did not want us knowing about the new tablet lineup but a mandatory multi-nation commission in Asia requires tech developers to register their products months before their put on sale in the region.

So, if an eagle-eyed person is constantly scouring those records, they might spot new pieces of juicy tech that is expected in the near future. One such person has reported 2 more certifications issued by the commission a short while ago.

What are the products exactly?

Much of this is guesswork or educated guesses at best. This is due to the fact that we only have a certification number and not an actual product name or description. We only know that Apple product codes start with an “A”.

We are expecting 2 updated versions of last year’s iPad Pro with 11 and 12.9-inch screens. We are also expecting a brand new iPad model to count itself among these certification codes due to the success and great value the iPad Air had. With its Pencil compatibility but no keyboard compatibility.

Despite this, Apple is starting to stagnate in the design department so it would be a good move for them to come up with something truly new. Expect a cost of around 330 to 350 USD for the new iPad model.

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