Face ID Not Working On iPhone iOS 13

Face ID Not Working

Do you find Face ID not working after updating to ios 13? If you’re one of the iPhone owners affected by this, we’re going to show you some workarounds and possible fixes to the problem.

If you try to set up Face ID on your iPhone and it serves you with an error message saying, “Face ID is not available. Try setting up Face ID later”, or you get one that just says, “Face ID setup error”, it could be due to software or system glitches from ios 13 update.

If this is the case, you can perform some tweaks to correct the error and remove associated symptoms where necessary.

Fix Face ID not working on iPhone ios 13

Before you try the solutions below, check that there’s nothing covering your face, and also nothing covering TrueDepth camera. Face the TrueDepth camera on your iPhone and then try to rule out the issue using the solutions below.

Force restart the iPhone

A restart remedies any minor ios update bugs and it’s probably what your iPhone needs because it could be stuck on Face ID detection process and can’t get past it. A force reset dumps any junk files stored with other cached files on ios folders and iPhone apps.

Symptoms that come with system data corruption will be cleared out using this force restart, whose methods vary depending on your iPhone model. If you don’t have a Home button, press and release the Volume Up and Volume Down button and then press and hold Power button till you see the Apple logo.

Wait for the phone to finish the reboot and then try to use ios services that require Face ID again to unlock access.

Check Face ID settings

Previous settings may have automatically changed following the ios 13 update and recent changes could have come with some software conflicts. To iron it out, make sure Face ID is set up properly and enabled for specific ios features. To do this:

Open Settings>Face ID & Passcode

Make sure Face ID is set up and the features you want to use it with like iTunes, App Store and iPhone unlock, Apple Pay and Password autofill are enabled. If not, toggle their switches to green or on.

Create new Face ID appearance

If your appearance changed slightly, Face ID recognition may fail after ios 13 update is implemented. You may not be able to access certain ios features via Face ID. In this case, set up an alternate appearance using these steps:

  • Open Settings>Face ID & Passcode
  • Enter the device passcode
  • Tap Set up an alternate appearance and follow the instructions
  • If you can’t move your head, tap Accessibility options
  • Tap Continue once you complete the first scan and move your head to complete the circle again
  • Now tap Done when the setup is finished and try using the Face ID-enabled apps again or use it to unlock your phone and see if it works

If all else fails, reset your iPhone ios 13 settings or erase the iPhone and restore it to factory default.

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