Cyberpunk 2077 Sneak Peek at Gameplay Features

The release date for Cyberpunk 2077 feels like its getting closer and closer. Feeling like the 16th of April 2020 is just around the corner, so close you can leap in and grab it. There is no surprise for the major anticipation surrounding the game.

CD Projekt Red gave us the Witcher series after all. And it is now giving us a whole new world to play in, much to the delight and disappointment to all the fans that still want more Witcher content. But a plus to the end of the Witcher series, for now, is that Geralt got his much deserved a happy ending.

No UI for Cyberpunk Hardcore Setting

It has been recently revealed by the game’s UI coordinator that the hardcore difficulty will allow players to turn off the UI. This means to health indicator, no skill indicator, no hints… pretty much no indicators of any kind. Making for a raw playthrough that the most hardcore gamers will enjoy.

The good people over at CD Projekt Red still want to tell a story after all. And for this purpose, they say that optimization is being done so that Witcher fans that aren’t into shooters that much will get assistance along the way with the help of UI elements.

Nanowires: Hot weapon in Cyberpunk

Lots and lots of guns will be used in the future world of Cyberpunk 2077 but the trailer has the protagonist also use some metal wires to finish off opponents.

These are called nanowires and are attached to the character’s arms. They are meant to act as extensions of your arms and will be quite useful in situations where you don’t have ammo or can’t your a gun.

Stealth is pretty important in a lot of games and the nanowires are for that purpose. Moreso, the wires can be used to interact with tech around you, by performing hacks the functions of enemy electronics and manipulate them much like Geralt did with his Axii sign.

Religion in Cyberpunk 2077

The devs have said that religion will be tackled in their upcoming game, with all its positives and negatives. Shying away from the negatives is something CD Projekt Red will not do.

Inspiration will be obviously drawn from real-world religions because that’s unavoidable. That is how writing works, plus it’s a game about humans.

But the company has stated that efforts will be made as to not offend any followers of real-world religions. In these types of games, the inspiration for a certain can be clearly discerned if the gamer is cultured enough. And if someone really wants to get offended by the game, they will find a way.

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