Stuck on verifying error on iPhone or iPad [FIXES]

Stuck on verifying

Are you struggling to install ios 13 beta on your iPhone or iPad because it’s stuck on verifying error? If this is your situation, we have the fixes in this post. When you download and install an ios update, it should be easily done with a few taps on your screen.

If your device has a strong and stable WiFi connection, adequate storage and good battery life, updating it should begin and complete as it should. However, this isn’t the case for every iPhone user.

This error implies the update can’t be installed because its verification process couldn’t be finished. If you’re experiencing this error when trying to download or install ios 13 beta, try the solutions below to resolve it.

How to fix Stuck on verifying error on iPhone or iPad

Before using the troubleshooting steps below, check that your iPhone is eligible for the beta update version. If you’re unsure, check with Apple support or your carrier for more information. If you’re sure, and you still can’t download the beta update and get the stuck on verifying error instead, use the fixes below.

Restart/force reboot

This usually helps straighten out minor firmware crashes that can trigger the error in your iPhone. It’s likely that the update system crashed, causing the device not to connect to the update server, and got stuck on verifying the update. Perform a forced restart and reconnect to WiFi to see if it helps.

Turn WiFi off and on again

To do this:

  • Tap Settings and select WiFi
  • Toggle the WiFi switch to turn it off and then switch it back on

This refreshes internet functions on your iPhone or iPad and fixes app glitches and minor firmware crashes that cause random internet problems.

Forget WiFi and reconnect

Corrupted WiFi connections can also cause the problem, or if the connection is spoiled or interfered with by other WiFi networks saved on your device. You can forget it and reconnect by doing this:

  • Open Settings>WiFi and turn on WiFi
  • Go to the list of WiFi networks available and pick the one you want to forget
  • Tap “i” icon next to the WiFi network and tap Forget this network
  • Confirm the action
  • Restart your device and go back to Settings>WiFi and toggle it off and on again
  • Join or connect to the network again

Reset network settings

To do this:

  • Open Settings>General>Reset>Reset network settings
  • Enter the passcode for the device
  • Tap confirm or OK to reset the network settings

The iPhone or iPad will reboot and you can retry downloading and installing ios 13 beta

Delete the update file

To do this:

  • Open Settings>General
  • Tap Storage
  • Locate the update file from the list of apps and files
  • Tap the file to select and tap Delete
  • Confirm the deletion action and wait until it is finished

If the stuck on verifying error persists, use iTunes to update your device by connecting the phone to a computer, and click on iTunes then go to Summary>Check for Update. Click the Download and Install button if available.

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