Sony Is About To Release A Small But Powerful Portable Air Conditioner

In recent times heatwaves are present across the world, forcing many people to jump from one area with air conditioning to another. While some companies offer ‘’portable’’ air conditioner, the devices are too bulky to be carried everywhere, and they often require a dedicated power source. Sony plans to change this with the release of the Reon Pocket, a wearable air conditioning system which promises to cool your body while also being shaped in the form of a beautiful accessory. Since the venture seemed a bit risky at first, the company decided to start a crowdfunding campaign for the device, and it appears that the initiative has attracted a large number of supporters.

Sony engineers ran a vast series of complex simulations and argued that the device should be able to cool the body of the user by 13 degrees Celsius ( or 23 degrees Fahrenheit). Those who dislike cold will be happy to learn that the device will also have the function to warm your body by 8 degrees Celsius ( or approximately 14 degrees Fahrenheit), which can make a massive difference in some cases.

Sony Is About To Release A Small But Powerful Portable Air Conditioner

The device is quite interesting as it looks like a smaller smartphone with several small ventilation spaces. A lightweight design and inspired choice of color (white) allows it to slip easily into a pocket placed on a custom shirt. It will be positioned on the upper part of the spine, which appears to be the optimum place for the device.

With the help of a dedicated smartphone app users will have the option to switch between three different modes: cool, warm, and off, while a new automatic mode is still in development. The battery is quite strong, and the device will work for 24 hours. It can be entirely charged in two hours. At this point, the device costs $129 or 14,080 yen, and customers can pay more for additional shirts.

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