Samsung Galaxy Fold Redesigned – How The Device Would Look Like

Samsung has solved the Galaxy Fold issues and will soon be ready to launch the new phone this time correctly. The problems with the display falling apart or bugging out have been addressed, and it is now a reliable product. It took three months for Samsung to go back to the drawing board and fix the Galaxy Fold. The device will soon hit the shelves in September, with an exact date to be announced by the company.

Galaxy Fold Redesigned

The redesign has had changes to the phone’s integrity, with the screen occupying most of the attention. The internal structure has been reinforced with respects to the hinge and the vulnerable spot between the phone body and the display. Enhancing the quality of the device to Samsung standards and keeping out dust particles that messed with the functionality.

The protective layer the company put on the display actually caused severe damage when reviewers removed it. It is now extended and offers more protection. It was made to be more rigid and to provide less interactivity. As part of the phone’s structure, it will probably not come off.

Galaxy Fold information released by Samsung

Rendered images have been provided with a side view of the Galaxy Fold. Obviously, not a lot can be adequately observed, but these images are probably meant to reinforce the belief that the hinge is structurally sound. As well as to assure future buyers that the phone will be thin enough to conform to today’s expectations.

Samsung has stepped forward and said that instructions would be provided in every box that concerns proper phone functionality and care. Basically, the dos and don’ts. The company has also confirmed the whopping price of $1980 and that it will announce sales information in the next couple of weeks.

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