New G Suite Shortcut Helps You Pre-Save Your Work

Microsoft Office is the go-to product for utilities, and it has occupied the prime spot for decades now. But Goole has been working on getting on par with Microsoft and even surpassing them as the leading utility software provider. Microsoft Office focuses more on business needs, whereas Google is branching out with a service that targets everyone, especially the average Joe and students. Google Docs has been added in the G Suite roster since early 2006. During this time, the program has seen significant growth in users and investment.

G Suite Shortcut

Google implemented a new shortcut last year that lets the user start a new black document. This is done with the “.new” domain shortcut and has been reported to save quite some time. Users need only type what type of document they want to create, followed by the “.new” domain. For example,,,,, and

Issues soon followed, and the shortcut was short-lived. Users reported that hey had to open up G Suite apps manually and the experience was not as smooth as Google thought. Google took some time to figure out and come up with a solution.

This was to assign a number to a user profile. This would allow for a unique ID that lets the user edit a new document or allow editing access. Adding a /1 after the .new domain is how this works.

Google Connectivity

Google has launched the current update that adds the G Suite shortcut feature. The update is available from this point in time. G Suite is continuously being promoted to Google clients that use other services provided by the company.

Everything is connected with Google, and much of it is done smartly and easily for the user to have a friendly experience. So, expect G Suite to be on the rise.

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