Liquid has been detected error on iPhone SE [SOLVED]

Liquid has been detected

If you’ve previously exposed your iPhone SE to liquid, moisture, or mist, the liquid has been detected error may not actually come up as a problem. This feature was aimed at saving your iPhone from getting any irreversible liquid damage, but you can troubleshoot the problem if you get the warning continuously for no good reason.

What to do when you see the Liquid has been detected error on iPhone SE

Remove connectors or cables from the iPhone SE port

The first thing to do is remove or disconnect any Lightning connector from the iPhone and tap Ignore. This will trigger a new popup screen that’ll tell you that ignoring the first alert may damage your iPhone. Ignore this warning and reboot the phone.

Force reboot

This will help eliminate any software glitches, minor firmware crashes and bugs that your iPhone SE’s software may have that triggered the Liquid has been detected error. It’s similar to a soft reset or restart, and won’t affect the data on your iPhone’s internal memory. It just clears any cached or temporary files and minor errors from internal memory and apps, giving your iPhone a clean and fresh start.

Update ios

If you’ve not already updated your ios to the latest version, check for the latest update for your iPhone SE. This issue has been around since ios 10 beta 3 and 4 so installing a new update of the software will most likely fix it.

To check for software updates, open Settings>General and tap Software Update. You’ll get a notification that says an update is available. Read and review the details and back up your data before performing the update.

Once you’re set, download and install the new update.

Reset all iPhone settings

Resetting the settings on your iPhone rules out the possibility of some misconfigured or incorrect settings options that trigger or cause the liquid has been detected error to keep showing up.

This option is recommended before trying a master reset as it doesn’t erase any personal information or data stored on internal memory. To do this, open Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings. Enter a passcode and tap to confirm the reset and wait till the phone reboots completely.

Full reset or ios system restore

This is a last resort method is none of the previous workarounds fixes the liquid has been detected error on your iPhone SE. if the warning comes up as a bug, a new software update will fix it, but a full system restore or reset will wipe personal and critical data from your phone, restoring it to factory default.

To do this, back up your data first, then open Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings. Wait for the phone to fully reset and restore and then check if the error is gone.

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