Gmail Keeps Crashing On iPhone SE After iOS Update


Post update issues on iPhones are usually caused by errant apps. Most users find that new updates cause their smartphones to function in strange ways, but errant apps usually trigger the phone to misbehave. Similarly, after an update, apps or cached files and temporary data can become corrupted causing the apps to prompt errors and stop working as they should.

If your iPhone SE’s Gmail keeps crashing after an ios update, these are some of the likely reasons, but you can deal with them using a few workarounds.

Before you try the fixes below, check that your iPhone is connected to the internet, as Gmail can crash when there’s no stable internet connection or none at all. Once the connection is back and strong, you may find Gmail and other apps working fine again.

What to do when Gmail keeps crashing on iPhone SE after ios update

Force stop/close Gmail and background apps

If you used Gmail app and didn’t close it when you installed the ios update, the app could have crashed or become corrupted. If you clear the errant app, it will load properly and stably. To resolve the crashing issue, force stop/close or end Gmail app using these steps:

  • Press Home button twice on your iPhone SE to launch app switcher
  • Swipe up Gmail’s app preview to clear it and do the same for background apps to end them

When background apps are corrupted after the update, they can cause Gmail to keep crashing on your iPhone. They also need to be cleared, and once you’re done clearing them, run Gmail app again to see if it works normally.

Perform a soft reset/restart your iPhone SE

To clear temporary data and cache that could be corrupted after an ios update, triggering Gmail to keep crashing, a soft reset or device restart helps fix it. When you dump cache files, any related issues are also cleared. To do this:

  • Press and hold Power button until Slide to Power off button is displayed
  • Drag the slider to switch off the iPhone
  • Press the power button again after 30 seconds until you see the Apple logo
  • If the screen isn’t responsive when Gmail crashes, perform a force restart instead by pressing and holding down the power and home buttons at the same time for 20 seconds, and release when you see the Apple logo

Install pending Gmail and other app updates

After updating your iPhone, some apps may become unstable as the software may no longer manage to meet minimum platform system requirements for them to work, or they won’t be supported. To check for updates, tap App Store>Updates, find Gmail and tap Update or Update All for all the apps to be updated and restart your iPhone once these updates are installed to refresh the memory and system and stabilize ios and apps.

If nothing works, uninstall the errant app and install the latest version of Gmail on App Store and then restart your iPhone and check if it works again. You can also reset network settings on your iPhone, or if it persists, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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