OnePlus 7 Overheating – Here’s What To Do

OnePlus 7 overheating

Is your OnePlus 7 overheating? You may have noticed that it sometimes feels like a hot plate more than it does your phone, but you’d be surprised to know it doesn’t always relate to the battery or hardware. All phones, including OnePlus 7 can overheat for several reasons.

We’re going to show you what to do when you find your OnePlus 7 device overheating and get it back to normalcy again.

What to do when you find your OnePlus 7 overheating

Let it cool off

Before you get to other possible solutions, the first simple thing to do is just let your phone cool off. This is something many people disregard, but soon as you notice it heating up, put it somewhere in room temperature or a cool environment to cool off. Heat can cause many other issues, so let your phone breathe, especially if you play a lot on your phone. After one hour or so of gaming, the phone will heat up so pause the game and let it cool down.

Use airplane/flight mode

Enabling flight or airplane mode when you’re charging your phone disables system apps like GPS, Bluetooth and more that can cause the phone to overheat.

Keep the phone from direct sunlight

The sun is obviously hot, so keeping your phone under direct sunlight is almost like destroying it while you watch. Keep it away from direct sunlight and you’ll avoid the overheating issue.

Monitor your phone’s temperature

There are apps you can install to measure your phone’s temperature. They’re in Google Play Store and you can use them to monitor its temperature and also know which app is causing your OnePlus 7 overheating problems. This way you can force stop the app or uninstall altogether.

Limit charging time

Your phone can also overheat when you charge it for too long. Most people charge overnight and they wake up to an overheated phone. Let it charge until the battery is full, and nothing longer than that. Also make sure you’re using the original charger that came with your phone.

Reboot your phone

Restart your phone every once in a while to eliminate any glitches, close background apps and processes that may cause overheating by consuming a lot of battery.

Update apps and software

Keep your software and apps updated by going to Play Store and checking for updates. You can update software by going to your phone’s Settings>About phone>Check for updates.

Factory reset

If all else fails, try factory resetting your phone. This wipes all your data so make sure you backup everything before resetting. To reset the phone:

  • Open Settings>System
  • Tap Reset options
  • Select Erase all data
  • Enter your pin or password
  • Tap Next>Erase everything

The device will restart and you can set it up again.

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