Apps Not In App Store – Here’s How To Get Them

apps not in app store

There are several ways to get apps not in App Store, but the one you choose depends on the app and what you’d like to do with it.

If you use the App Store, getting apps for your iPhone is simple. However, you can also get apps that aren’t in the App Store too. With more than two million apps available, though not each one can run on every iPhone or iPad, there are restrictions and guidelines on what apps should or shouldn’t be allowed in the store.

This means some apps that don’t meet or follow Apples rules aren’t available so people try to find out how they can install such apps. You can get apps for free, even those in App Store, without using the store itself. This isn’t recommended though, and we’ll tell you why later in the article.

If you’re willing to take some risks though, and use non-Apple approved apps, there are some you can get and download to your phone without going through the App Store.

How to get apps not in App Store


This is a technique where you install apps directly to your iPhone instead of using the App Store. It’s probably the simplest way to add apps but it isn’t commonly done. The challenge with sideloading is you must first have the app in the first place as most apps for iPhones are only available from App Store, not directly downloaded from different sources including the developer’s website.

Some developers, however, make their apps available as a direct download, thereby going against Apple’s rules and guidelines. If you can find the actual app that isn’t in App store, add it to your phone using the developer’s instructions and you’re all set.

Legal apps

Just as Apple controls the App Store tightly, it can also control what you can or can’t do to your iPhone. Such controls help prevent you from changing some parts of the operating system that runs on the phone.

Some people jailbreak their iPhones, removing the controls and this allows them to install apps not in App store, and other things. What they forget is Apple doesn’t include such apps in the store for reasons including security, quality, legality and doing things Apple would rather you didn’t for some reason.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can use Cydia as an alternative App Store. It’s packed with free and paid apps that aren’t in App Store and you can do lots of cool things with them.

Note: Jailbreaking can mess up your iPhone and leave it vulnerable to security problems. Apple doesn’t support jailbroken phones so note these risks before you do it. Jailbreaking also seems to be dying out, as platforms like Cydia are losing out on sales from apps, making it harder to get apps for such phones.

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