New Cyberpunk 2077 Game Modes Revealed

CD Projekt announced their plans to develop a game mode designed for hardcore gamers in their attempt to make the game enjoyable for every type of player out there.

What this means

Certain things will be designed especially to make the gameplay a bit easier for less experienced gamers. One example is a smart gun which helps with aiming.

The most interesting game mode is “hardcore”, which is meant to be more immersive.

CD Projekt’s Alvin Liu says that the hardcore game mode will turn off the UI, which might seem like a silly thing, but it will translate to a serious challenge for some gamers.

The game has settings that make it feel like it’s more of an rpg than a shooter, for those players who don’t like shooters or are not that experienced with them.

Ease of playing

Cyberpunk 2077 will feature lots of settings for players who find first person games hard to play, such as: the option to modify your field of view, reducing motion sickness.

The game went so far that it even contains subtitles for in game stuff, in order to make sure that gamers get an experience which is as immersive as possible.

Developers say that choosing a first person perspective enabled them to do lots of new stuff, like advanced dialogue, and cultivate the element of surprise. They believe that the first person perspective makes gamers feel like they are actually in danger (when the game wants them to or when they get in serious trouble).

Release date

The release date of Cyberpunk 2077 was revealed at the Xbox E3: the greatly awaited game will be launched on April 16, as Keanu Reeves himself (who will play a character in the game) announced.

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