How to Fix OnePlus 7 Connectivity Issues

The OnePlus 7 remains a great device even if the price may not be as competitive as it used to be. The device offers impressive performance, and it comes with a large variety of features. It was well-received by reviewers and consumers alike as many praised the device for the quality of the build, the excellent features, and the affordable price.

While the smartphone has been quite popular, some users reported that select connectivity issues could appear. This guide aims to help users to fix some of the most common problems, and many of the are tackled below.

How to Fix OnePlus 7 Connectivity Issues

The device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, but there is no internet access

This problem is usually related to the router. You can try to reset your router by unplugging the power cable and waiting for 30 seconds. Plug it again and check to see if the problems are solved.

You can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network

Try to disable and enable the Wi-Fi feature on tour device. If the problem persists go to Settings/Wi-Fi and tap on the desired network. Tap on Forget and try to connect again. It is also advised to seek to a different network. If that network works without problems, you may want to check the router or call your ISP. Restarting both devices is always an option, and it should fix the inconvenience in most cases.

The connection is too slow

Distance plays a significant role in this situation. Try to get closer to the router and check to see if the quality of the connection improves. You can also try to move the antenna of the router to boost the signal or buy a Wi-Fi repeater to improve coverage in your house.

Resetting your OnePlus 7 device

If the problems continue to surface a factory reset could be helpful. Go to Settings/System/Reset Options and tap on Erase all data. Choose Reset Phone and confirm the process if needed. After the task is completed login with your account and it should work without problems.

Hopefully, these methods helped you fix OnePlus 7 connectivity issues.

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