Google Stadia Might Offer Free Games After The Users Enter The Pro Plan

Google is operating Stadia, the cloud gaming service. Google Stadia’s design makes the streaming video games to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second possible. The service will be accessible through the desktop Google Chrome web browser, on smartphones, smart TVs, or through Chromecast.

It seems that Google wants to out pass the competition by making Stadia more efficient by giving the users a free game if they will enter the Pro Plan service. By entering the Pro Plan, the users will benefit from 4K/HDR streaming 5.1, besides the exclusive discounts on some of the games streamed on Google Stadia.

Now, if you will choose to be a Pro subscriber, we have some good news for you: Google Stadia will give you one free game. At least, there are a lot of rumors suggesting this fact. But imagine what would happen if the tales do come true. The gaming service world will change forever.

Google Stadia Might Offer Free Games After The Users Enter The Pro Plan

Google Stadia will work very well based on Cross-platform gaming, and if you are on a PC, or a chrome cast will be an insignificant detail. A huge selling point for Google Stadia is that it comes with integrated YouTube. Another one is a feature allowing users of a Stadia stream to launch a game on another streamer’s save state.

Moreover, the Cross-platform comes as an advantage beside other streaming services, along with the possibility offered to users to subscribe for $10 and receive a free game.

If Google will implement this Subscription service to its Google Stadia, it’s a big chance that all the other streaming services already existing to collapse. But it can go either way. Hopefully, more details will come around for us to make a real opinion on how this service will work.

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