Apple To Replace Lightning Connector With USB-C On iPhone 2020 Models

As you have already gotten used to, the closer Apple is to release their next set of iPhone 11 series, the fuller the internet becomes of expectations, rumors, and leaks. Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac, a very reliable source, has recently suggested that the Cupertino company will release a trio of iPhones again this year. The top tier devices that come in different sizes come with OLED screens, all three have the same resolution, an improved front camera, a wide-angle camera, and what brings us to today’s subject – the Lightning connector for the charger.

When Guilherme Rambo of9to5Mac came up with this affirmation, Apple enthusiasts were angry that the USB-C port they were waiting for is not coming into their favorite phones because of the Lightning connector. With that being said, they still need to wait for another year to see their wish come true. Accordingly, iPhone 2020 models would be those to sport USB-C.

Apple To Replace Lightning Connector With USB-C On iPhone 2020 Models

As most people only have devices that charge via USB-C, they would not mind their iPhone has the same port. However, some people do not think Apple should change this just yet, and we might have the reasons why. Let’s say Apple will keep the Lightning connector for 2019’s collection of iPhones and not make the bad move to switch to USB-C. Port charges are not something people get used to quickly, so Apple wants to avoid any complaints as much as possible. However, they have a different reason.

When it comes to a port change that happens at the same time with another dramatic change to a product line, people are more likely to accept it. Otherwise, they would not see the need for this modification. And if rumors are true, the iPhone 11 will not be dramatically changed. On the other hand, iPhone 2020 series would come out with USB-C.

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