SHAREit 5.0.28_ww Is Available To Download With New Features And Improvements

As new smartphones become more powerful and affordable, the number of users continues to grow at an impressive rate. Most smartphones come with a variety of features which are now a standard, among which we can count a good camera, excellent battery life, an impressive screen and much more. Among the features that haven’t see a lot of innovation in recent time is the ability to transfer files conveniently. File sharing is one of the most popular functions on smartphones, and SHAREit is the best app for that. SHAREit 5.0.28_ww is now out with new features and improvements.

Some will point out that you can use Bluetooth and NFC to transfer a lot of files, and a wired connection will always have your back when larger content has to be moved from one device to another. However, there are several problems with this argument. Bluetooth is a reliable solution, but it is quite slow, and most budget devices don’t come with NFC. And transferring files with a data cable will require a PC which can be used as a middleman in the process.

SHAREit is a great app which can help users to transfer any files with just a few taps. Read below to learn more about the app and its excellent features.

Top SHAREit Features

  • Fast – At 20MB per second, SHAREit is up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and your files will be safe during the process.
  • Send anything – The app is compatible with a large number of file formats, and you can send a lot of content. Transfer music, images, videos, documents, app data folders, and APKs, to name just a few. Since there is no size limit, you can also send entire albums, high-quality movies or very large apps.
  • Built-in entertainment – Browse a video section filled with a large variety of content and download the videos you like for offline viewing. A dedicated music section will allow users to play and download millions of songs.

SHAREit 5.0.28_ww Comes With New Features and Improvements

The latest update for the app, SHAREit 5.0.28_ww version, comes with a smart feature which scans received apps, and it can determine if the device can run them. New bug fixes and performance improvements are also featured.

You can already download SHAREit 5.0.28_ww from the Google Play Store.

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