iOS 12.4 Launches With Walkie Talkie And iPhone Migration Functions

Lots of Apple clients are waiting for the arrival of iOS 13 in the fall. But until that happens, iOS 12 can still offer up valuable content for users. The beta for iOS 13 is available for brave users, but the masses are not flocking for an unfinished product. So iOS 12 is still widely used for the moment. At least for a couple of months. But Apple should be applauded for their work on both iOS 12 and iOS 13. Both versions of the software are being worked on at the same time. Now, iOS 12.4 comes out with Walkie Talkie and iPhone Migration functions.

iOS 12.4 and iPhone Migration

Perhaps the last major update for the current version of the software, iOS 12.4 brings some welcomed features to the Apple roster. iPhone Migration is one of the main features of this update. But what does it mean?

iPhone Migration allows users to transfer data from their old device to a new one in the initial setup. This can be done without the need to back up the information on the old device. So no need for a computer, a USB cable, and iCloud. This is a function that promotes more flexibility and mobility within the functions of Apple devices. But despite the comfort the feature provides, it only encourages the purchase of a new device, giving the user a little more incentive to upgrade.

However, no enhanced user experience can be gained from the feature implemented in iOS 12.4. If you have five iPhones at a time or if you upgrade each year than this is a useful feature for you.

iOS 12.4 and Walkie Talkie

The Walkie Talkie function was released with WatchOS 5. This was a fun way of communicating with people in your contacts list by pressing a button on the watch. The function was temporarily disabled a while back but it back in the Apple roster with this update.

Apple has stated that the motive behind disabling the Walkie Talkie function was the discovery of a bug in the system. This could somehow allow for users to have their privacy invaded by eavesdropping on their conversations.

The privacy issue has now been fixed with iOS 12.4. But it’s a funny problem to have, as a Walkie Talkie conversation is not exactly private. At least for people standing next to you.

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