iPhone 2020 Models To Sport 120Hz AMOLED Displays

While most iPhone users may agree that the quality of the displays used by Apple is quite impressive, it seems that there is always room for improvement. In recent years 120Hz panels were featured on gaming smartphones, with the Razer Phone and RazerPhone 2 being prime examples, which were well-received by the community. It seems that the screens of future iPhone 2020 models will look even better as Apple may be working on 120Hz displays which could offer a superior user experience.

According to a reliable source, Apple is considering the option to use screens with a switchable rate for the 2020 iPhone models. At this point, the company is negotiating with Samsung and LG, which are well—known for its reputation as the largest manufacturers of AMOLED displays.

The switchable trait will allow the screen to transition between 60Hz and 120Hz, depending on what the user is doing. The lower refresh rate may be used for showing static images, to conserve battery life.

iPhone 2020 Models To Sport 120Hz AMOLED Displays

It is important to keep in mind the fact that Apple has already launched devices with 120Hz displays, as the entire 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad ranges which were released since 2017 offer the impressive refresh rate. While the feature can be quite spectacular in some cases, there are certain trade-offs as the benefits of losing OLED technology (among which we can count beautiful black shades, superior lighting for pixels and low power consumption). This stems from the fact that the devices employ LED Retina ProMotion screens.

The company is currently hard at work on the 2019 iPhone models which may come with a selection of new features. It is expected that at least one of the devices will sport a triple camera array on the rear. New nuances will be available for the cases of the devices.

While there have been a lot of leaks, it is hard to say which ones are right and which are based on pure speculation. Until Apple offers an official announcement, we can only hope that the upcoming devices will be great.

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