Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Battery, Processor, Prices, And Release Date

The battery charging features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models is something to look out for. We can’ say for sure what battery sizes will be equipped for the two models at this point. But the educated guess is that the Note 10 will get around 4170 mAh and the 10 Plus will get 4500 mAh accumulator.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Battery Charging Update

Some news is circulating that the Note 10 will get a 15W Qi capability and 20W for the 10 Plus. This information has been provided via Twitter by a Samsung insider. The standard charging adapter for both models will come as standard at 25W. But Note 10 Plus users can separately purchase a stronger 45W model that sounds really beefy.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Processor

Many have assumed that the new Snapdragon 855 Plus processor from Qualcomm will be equipped on the Note 10 models. But the rumors have been squashed by an official confirmation that the processor will not be upgraded. Instead, it is sticking with the 855 SoC.

The global market, excluding the US, will get the in-house Exynos processor on the Note 10 models. It is expected that the Exynos 9825 octa-core SoC will be equipped on the new phones. Samsung will hold a launch event in New York on the 7th of August but this does not prevent the company from taking different actions in other markets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Release Date and Price

The earliest time the phones will hit shelves will probably be late August. But expect to be able to but them in October for sure, depending on the country you live in. Be prepared to spend over $1000 for the 256 GB Note 10 and perhaps around $1400 for the Note 10 Plus. Prices that are quite high, even for flagship models. But at least they’re on par with the S10, so we can rest assured that they’re not going up.

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